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The 2nd AEMT 2018

The conference covers all related topics with Electromagnetic Technology, including (but not limited to) geomagnetism, energy, transportations, telecommunications, power system, electronics, control and instrumentations, biomedical, environmental, computation and informatics, statistical, and educational approaches.


Some specific topics are listed here:






  • Geomagnetic Signal Processing for Earthquake Precursors
  • Electromagnetic anomaly mapping
  • Remote sensing of the earth, ocean, and atmosphere
  • Microwave remote sensing and polarimetry, SAR
  • Subsurface imaging and detection technology, GPR


Electromagnetic in Energy & Transportation



  • EM method for geothermal exploration
  • EM method for oil and mineral explorations
  • Geomagnetic energy
  • Electromechanical machine and device
  • Power electronics & superconducting devices
  • EM radiations of power lines and substations
  • Light harvesting, photovoltaics, optoelectronics in energy
  • Magnetic levitation, transportation and collision avoidance


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  • EM signal processing
  • Transmission lines and waveguide
  • Antenna, RF and wireless communication
  • Propagation and field scattering
  • Frequency spectrum and its management
  • Model and System Comunication
  • Broadcasting



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Power system


  • Electromechanical machine and device
  • Power electronics & superconducting devices
  • EM radiations of power lines and substations
  • Power System EMC and Smart Grid
  • High Voltage System
  • HVDC Transmision



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Electronics, control and instrumentations



  • Optoelectronics
  • EM measurement and instrumentation
  • Electric vehicles & aerospace
  • Electronic packaging& integrated circuit



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  • Electromagnetic scanning technology
  • EM exposure and healthcare
  • EM medical devices & hospital instrument




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Computation and Informatics


  • Electromagnetic modelling
  • Fast iteration and parallel computational methods of EM
  • Hybrid method computation
  • EM data acquisition, features, and mining
  • EMdesign and diagnostics with artificial intelligence
  • EM data management and utilities for governments, companies, and institutes
  • Application of big data to EMC
  • Quantum electrodynamics, computing and information theory
  • Electromagnetic signal processing, wavelets, and neural network


Wireless Power Transfer



  • Modeling, simulation, design, and control systems of WPT.
  • Wireless charging of electric vehicles.
  • Design and fabrication of electromagnetic couplers.
  • High-power WPT for fast charging.
  • Safety, health, and environmental issues of WPT.
  • WPT infrastructure development


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Electromagnetic Education


  • Electromagnetic theory in classrooms
  • Delivery EM specific topics to students
  • EM educational props
  • Media for EM studies
  • EM topics for student competition
  • EM topics for student final projects







  • Electromagnetic Environment
  • EMC in Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials
  • EMC Standard and regulation
  • Transient and Electrostatic Discharge
  • Coupling, Shielding, Grounding, Gasketing& Filtering



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